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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Ear Cuff Display Tutorial Ideas

In the diy ear cuff tutorial I posted yesterday, I said I would post pictures of ear cuff displays that are suitable for gifting or selling.
So...here they are:

I made the cuff display above exactly the same as I made the cuff display in the tutorial yesterday.
It's simply different colors and embellished differently.
If you want to make a display like this one, go to my supply blog Secret Solace Supplies for a tutorial on the roses, leaves and vines. I do have a rose tutorial on this blog but I think the one I linked to on my other blog is easier to follow.

This cuff display uses the same steps as yesterdays tutorial as well.
I had a bubble gum pink shade of polymer clay that I didn't really like so I mixed it with peal and a darker pink and used it for this display.

I made the 2 roses with the darker pink.

I bought a Dollar Store plastic Halloween necklace that had a skeleton pendant. I cut the skull off the pendant to use on this display. The skull had a large circular back so I cut the back of the skull off. I pressed the skull into the clay, removed it for baking and glued it into the impression once the clay cooled.

I rolled 2 long pieces of black clay and formed them into snakes. I textured the snakes using the spine of the skeleton pendant. I rubbed mica powder on the textured area of the snakes using my finger. I dipped a toothpick in mica powder and pushed it in the clay for the eyes. I used a craft knife to cut a mouth.

I hope I have inspired you to make ear cuff displays :)

Can you make these to sell?  Absolutely!
Can you make an exact copy of my designs and sell them?  Yep!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ear Cuff Display Holder Tutorial

I have done an extensive search online for diy ear cuff displays / holders and haven't found any. I need a few displays for a B&M store where I will be selling my ear cuffs.

Naturally, if you can't find it, you make it :)
I made a couple of displays and decided to share a tutorial here because I can't be the only one looking for this info.

I needed a display that was fairly plain. I wanted the focus to be on my ear cuff and not on the display.
I will post some photos soon of a display that I've fancied up making it suitable for gifting or selling.

What you need:
1. Polymer clay (I used black)
2. Wire (I used 12ga aluminum wire)
3. Round nose pliers
4. Wire cutters
5. Optional - Something to smooth the seams (I used a crochet hook)

Find an adult ear, use yours or a friends or any ones that will sit still while you shape your wire. ( I do not recommend using a random stranger on the street, you may get arrested for that ).
Shape your wire in an approximate ear shape. We are not trying to make an ear, we are trying to get a kinda earish shape but most importantly, we are trying to get the correct size.
Shape your wire, using the round nose pliers, then cut it off the roll with your wire cutters.

Condition your clay with your hands, you don't need a pasta machine.
Roll your clay into 2 snakes, making them a couple inches or so longer than your shaped wire so you can coil the ends. The thickness of the snakes is your choice, mine is about double the thickness of the wire.
Roll one end of your first snake into a coil. Make the coil as large or small as you want.

Place one end of your wire on the coil and center the rest of the wire along the clay snake. At the opposite end of your wire, roll another coil and place it on the end of the wire. Tear off any unwanted excess clay before rolling the coil if needed.
Now cut a piece of wire longer than your ear shape and place it on top of the ear shape. This will create the opening we will need to attach the ear shape to the base. This wire remains until the piece is finished baking.

Coil the end of you second snake and place it on top of the ear shape and finish off as you did with the first snake. We are making a clay and wire sandwich.
Squeeze the seams together along the edges of the 2 pieces of clay to seal. Now put as much or as little effort into smoothing the seams as you want. I made a half hearted attempt using the handle portion of a crochet hook.

Roll a long thin clay snake. Roll a coil on one end of the snake and place it over the coil on your ear shape. Wrap the snake around your ear shape, ending with a coil for the opposite end.
This serves 2 purposes, it gives the piece a bit of embellishment and more importantly, it gives the holder bulk which holds the ear cuff better.

We are finished with the holder.

The stand.

Using your round nose pliers, form a shape with the wire. I made a squarish stand for this tutorial but I've also made a round stand and a heart stand. The shape doesn't have to be huge because we will use clay for stability. Obviously, don't make it tiny either.

Now place your pliers around the wire at the point where your shape is completed. Twist your pliers until the wire is standing straight up.

Grip the wire with the pliers in the bent section you just made. Using your other hand, bend the wire straight down across the shape. Now grip the wire where it lays in the approximate center of the shape. Using your other hand, bend the wire straight up again. We are trying to put the stem portion of the stand into the middle of the bottom section of the stand.

Place your ear section beside the stand where you want the ear section to sit. Add about 6" extra and cut the wire off the roll with the wire cutters.

Make a clay shape that mimics the wire shape. It needs to be a bit larger than the wire shape and thick enough to make the stand stable.
Press the wire base into the clay.

Make a long clay snake and wrap it around the base of the stand until the base is covered. Just make another clay snake and keep wrapping if your first snake wasn't long enough to cover the entire base.
Once the base is covered, you can roll another clay snake and use it to embellish the stand like I did for the heart and circle bases.

The stand is complete.

Twist the guide wire in the ear section several times to insure the wire isn't adhered to the clay.
Following the directions on your clay package, bake both the ear section and the stand.
If you use a toaster oven to bake clay like I do, just gently bend the stand wire to the side so it will fit in the oven.

Pieces baked and cooled?
Okay, good, let's move on.

Decide where you want the ear section to rest on the stand stem.
Using your round nose pliers, create a stop where you want the bottom of the ear section.
I made a figure 8. You can make a zig zag, a circle, or whatever in the wire.

Remove the guide wire from the ear section and insert the stand wire into the ear section using the openings made by the guide wire.

We added 6" of wire before cutting the stem of the stand to accommodate the stop we just made and to give us extra wire at the top of the ear section. I finished the top by forming a simple coil with the extra wire. You can make any design you want or cut the extra wire short and finish with a small loop.

Make these ear cuff displays as plain or elaborate as you want.
You can also coat them with clay glaze, I tend to leave most of my clay items natural.

I hope that this tutorial will be of some assistance to those searching for a diy ear cuff display.

Friday, March 16, 2012

SOMD Etsy Team Meet And Greet

The awesome SOMD Etsy Team held a meet and greet at the Waldorf Panera Bread.
It was great to meet the talented artists behind the amazing Etsy shops!

I wanted to share our meet and greet with you and introduce you to some of our team members.

Cori and Q from PeaceBabyBatiks. Cori is our team founder and Captain.
Cori handcrafts super cute tshirts and body suits for babies and toddlers. This is one of my favorites (although I have many, many favorites) - Toddler Girls Dress And Diaper Cover Set.

Karen from BeautifulThrowAways. Karen is our team Leader.
Karen owns a great Eco Friendly Etsy shop. I love this item - Swiffer/Pledge Duster.

Heidi from SewCreativeByHeidi
Heidi makes fantastic quilted items. I would love to own this - Weekender Quilted Duffle Bag !

Arnika from arnicArt.
Arnika makes beautiful one of a kind bags. I'm sorry I don't have an item link at this time.

Amber from CraftMeCrazy.
Amber makes sweet crochet and sewn items. This sheet set is beautiful - Toddler Bed Flannel Sheets !

Starting from the left:
Joey from FiberMenagerie.
Joey offers roving, soap and knitted items in her lovely Etsy shop. This Pure & Simple Avocado Soap looks amazing!

Sara from Sn315on.
Sara is a talented artist that offers backgrounds, family name scrabble boards, prints and jewelry. I love the vibrant colors in this Scrabble Tile Pendant !

Rachel offers unique, intriguing jewelry in both shops. It was hard to pick a favorite but here they are from each shop:
Franken Cupcake - Night Feeding Crab.
Molotov Cupcake - Green And Blue Spiral Necklace.

Heidi from SewCreativeByHeidi.
I love these Stay Put Pouches !

Jennie from JBCrochetDelights.
Jennie has a shop full of absolutely beautiful crochet items. Check out this stunning afghan -
Joey, Sara, Rachel, Heidi and Jennie.

Rachel, Cori, Heidi, Jennie, Sara Amber, Arnika and Joey.

Cori, Amber, Joey and Jennie.

Jennie, Joey, Arnika, Karen and Heidi.

Heidi, Jennie, Amber, Arnika, Joey and Sara.

Cori is planning another meet and greet for our SOMD Etsy team and we hope to meet many more team members then!

In the meantime, please visit all of the fantastic SOMD Etsy Team shops.
Also, if you are local, many of our members will be attending craft shows throughout the year. Please stop by and support your local artists!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Absolutely Kismet On Zibbet

I found this charming shop on Zibbet - Absolutely Kismet !

This lovely shop offers unique, hand crafted wine glass charms, stitch markers and jewelry.

Here is a tiny selection of what you will find at Absolutely Kismet but you must visit this shop to see all the wonderful items!

Light Pink Stitch Markers - a must for your knitting projects or a fantastic gift for the knitter in your life! You will find more stitch markers in this shop, different styles and colors.

Blue and Black Striped Heart Pendant On Braided Hemp Necklace
The hemp pieces offered in Absolutely Kismet are AMAZING!!! She is such a talented hemp artist!

Tiger Striped Heart Pendant On Hemp Choker
See what I mean???

How wonderful is this !?! You can wear this awesome piece as a necklace or a bracelet!

I love the colors!

Absolutely Kismet also offers beautifully hand crafted beaded jewelry.

Feminine and Elegant!

The best thing about these earrings is they would look cute with jeans and t shirt and FABULOUS with evening wear!

Beautiful on their own but...they have a matching necklace - shown below!

The holidays will be here before you know it! This next earring and necklace set are the perfect holiday gift!

Absolutely Kismet offers a unique selection of wine glass charms. I know wine glass charms are such a necessity at parties, especially holiday parties but...I can't help but think of all the other uses for these super cute charms!

I think they would be adorable on purse and tote straps, cell phones, journals, place cards, etc!

This has been a fun feature!

Absolutely Kismet is an absolutely charming, unique and OOAK Zibbet shop!

Visit today and get all your holiday shopping done!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Green Things

Little Green Things on Etsy is a shop filled with unique, one of a kind belt buckles.
The buckles are tiny works of art that inspire imagination and fun.

You must read this shop's wonderful profile. It is as unique and whimsical as the shop itself, giving you insight on the artist behind the shop. Also, it must be noted, this artist displays a great concern for our environment and uses an eco resin on all the buckles!

I want to share a few items from Little Green Things but you really have to visit the shop yourself to enjoy all it has to offer!

Deer Dream Belt Buckle brings to mind ELEGANT! So unique and lovely! The image hints of a Victorian flavor and is has an ethereal feel.

Overland Journey Belt Buckle - If you know the story behind my shop name, you know the Bare in Bare Moose is a play on the word "Bear". Naturally I absolutely LOVE this buckle! I believe this buckle would look great on a man or woman, especially when paired with your favorite jeans.

Little Red Riding Hood Belt Buckle - I love Little Red Riding Hood and I especially love the uniqueness of this buckle. No doubt it would look great with any outfit but paired with your favorite faded jeans and a red long sleeve tee - perfection!

Deer In Winter Wonderland Belt Buckle - Artistic and beautiful!

You Choose Belt Buckle - While every buckle in this shop would be an awesome gift, this buckle would make the gift even more special. Everyone loves personalized gifts and you could use this opportunity to match the buckle to the personality of the recipient.

This buckle was featured on the front page of Etsy as it should be! Just think of what you can write on this wearable art! Match you buckle to your mood!

Vintage Leather Belt Brown White Flowers - So...you have found the perfect belt buckle but do not have a belt? Here is a wonderful, pretty belt to couple with your new buckle!

This was just a small sample of what Little Green Things has to offer. You must visit this shop and when you do, I challenge you to use your imagination!

When I entered Little Green Things for the first time, my mind ran wild with ideas such as:

*Journals* - I love making journals and I can envision using one of these fabulous buckles to decorate one of my journals. Perhaps I would run a wide piece of satin ribbon through the buckle and attach it to the journal. Or...perhaps I could incorporate the buckle as a way of closing the journal. Hmmm....

*Boxes* - These buckles would make an awesome decoration on a wooden box that you purchase or make yourself. I see these buckles attached to either the top or front of the box.

*Purses and Totes* - I have several bags that have detachable handles. How wonderful would one of these lovely buckles look on the handle?? Just remove one side of the bag handle and slide the buckle on!

*Handmade Cards* - Why not use a belt buckle as the gift in a card/gift combo? Just attach the buckle on the front or inside of the card and write a note and decorate the card to match the buckle.

Now it's your turn! Visit Little Green Things and let your imagination go!!

Some of the items in my Etsy store. Stop by!!! http://www.baremoose.etsy.com

Come and Zibbet!!!!!!!!!