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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Henny Seashell is a lovely Etsy shop that offers wonderful sewn and quilted items. Items that are made using only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

This artist has a natural talent for combining the perfect colors, patterns and textures in every piece she crafts. Her talent in sewing and quilting is also evident in every item.

If you are holiday shopping, you are sure to find the perfect gifts at Henny Seashell .
Every item in this shop is as useful as it is beautiful which makes them an especially thoughtful gift.

If you would like to learn more about Henny, please read her well written and interesting shop Profile.

I am going to share some of my favorite items from Henny Seashell , but keep in mind it is just a small sample of the lovely items in her shop.

This Table Runner would be a beautiful focal point on a holiday table. Or... anytime.

Here are the cutest Quilted Coasters I've ever seen!!!!

The lovely fall colors in these Quilted Pillow Covers makes them the perfect Autumn accent.

I love bags!!! I can never have too many totes, pouches, clutches, etc. Henny Seashell has an awesome selection of bags, including this sweet Blue Batik Tote .

These adorable pouches come in a set of 3! That means you can give 2 as gifts and keep 1 for yourself!

Perfect for a night out, this Fold Over Clutch will hold your essentials without the inconvenience of a bulky purse.

The colors in this Slouch Bag are simply stunning!

I really love this Quilted Tote ! It's perfect for "going green" when used to carry home purchases rather than using a plastic bag supplied by the store. Of course, it has many other uses as well.

There you have it! Beautiful, expertly crafted, useful gifts for someone special on your gift giving list!!

Don't forget to shop for yourself as well!!!

Visit Henny Seashell today.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mike and Sam - Baby Shower

My son, Mike and his wife, Sam are expecting their first baby (and...my first grand baby)!!! They are having a girl and have named her Mia.
We attended their baby shower today, so I thought I would share the event with you.

Mike and Sam:

Opening gifts:

Cake and Decorations:

I made this watermelon baby carriage with the help of a YouTube video.

Cynthia made this diaper wreath. Super cute!

Guests - Family and Friends:

Cynthia and Chris clowning around :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seabreeze Seafood Restaurant

Just sharing some pictures I took while visiting the Seabreeze Seafood Restaurant.
It's a nice little restaurant, located in Mechanicsville, MD.
They even have a cute tiki bar.
You can check out the website http://www.seabreezeseafoodrestaurant.com/

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crabby Dick's - Port Tobacco, MD

I decided to take my dad and daughter to Crabby Dick's in Port Tobacco Maryland. I wanted to go to this particular restaurant because I've never been before.
When we arrived, we were faced with a dilema. How do we get into the restaurant???

The picture above was taken from the parking lot. As you can see, there was water between us and the restaurant.

Then we saw the stairs. The very, very tall stairs which is pictured above. The archway is actually the top of the stairs.
These stairs are not only very tall but they are rather rickety as well.

At least they were kind enough to provide a resting place :)

The 4 pictures above were taken from the top of the stairs.

Another profile picture of the stairs.
My dad will be 89 years old in September and I am sure this climb was rather tiring for him. I couldn't help but wonder how anyone physically handicapped could possibly patron this restaurant.
Once inside, I asked our server how on earth they expected everyone to get to the restaurant, especially the physically handicapped. He looked puzzled and said "well, there's a ramp right out there". Out where??? I didn't see a ramp.
He was kind enough to point to the ramp. And...it was on the opposite side from which we came.
I had parked at the Port Tobacco Marina and we had entered the restaurant from the back!!!

Port Tobacco Marina

Port Tobacco Marina - taken from the stairs

My daughter, Cynthia, heading back down the stairs to the Marina. We had to get the car and drive around to the front of the restaurant to pick up my dad.

Outside eating area at Crabby Dick's

My dad at the front of Crabby Dick's

Our meal.
We were treated to Old Bay seasoned potato chips while we waited for our food.

Next, we were each given a sample of cream of crab soup and vegetable crab soup. Both were yummy.

We ordered crab and spinach dip. Cynthia and I love crab dip.

Cynthia had cream of crab soup.

My dad had a crab cake and baked potato.

I ordered a 1/2 dozen steamed crabs. Yum!!!

The food was good and the server and manager were super nice.
I love seafood and especially love seafood restaurants on the water.

My dad, Bill, waiting at the FRONT of the restaurant.

Some of the items in my Etsy store. Stop by!!! http://www.baremoose.etsy.com