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Thursday, September 24, 2009


This project would be great for a children's party. Cut out and glue the lolly costumes before the party and let each child decorate their own. If you are not having a Halloween party, change the pattern to match the party theme. Maybe a clown face, train, flower, etc.
If your child is having a Halloween party at school, you could make one of these covers for each child and personalize them by writing each child's name on the back or front with fabric paint.
The lolly costumes are inexpensive and are a quick and easy project.

What you need:
1. Felt
2. Fabric paint ( I wanted black glitter paint to decorate the edges of my pieces. I could not find black glitter paint so I substituted with glitter glue )
3. Paper ( I used plain copy paper )
4. Scissors
5. Ink pen
6. Pin backs
7. Fabric glue
8. Lollipops
To begin, lay your lollipop on the piece of paper. Make a mark at the top and sides of the lollipop. This will give you a guide for the size needed. If you are using a round lollipop, you will need to allow extra room for the lolly to fit inside the costume. In that case, allow at least 1/2" to 1" extra space when you mark around the lolly.

Draw the shape you want, using the guides you marked. I made my ghost a little smaller than my original guide because I decided to use a smaller lollipop.

Cut your shapes out. Mark one side of your pattern with a 1 and the other side with a 2. You will need to trace the back and front ( 1 & 2 ) of each shape onto the backside of the felt. Tracing the front and back of your pattern will allow you to have both sides on the right side of the felt once the project is complete.

Having said that, I must be honest, I cannot see a difference between the "front" and "back" of felt. I figure the side that has the manufactures sticker on it is the back.

Trace your pattern onto the felt. Cut around your pattern. To make these neat and clean, cut slightly inside your pen mark. Personally, for a project like this, I don't worry too much about neatness.

***** This next step is optional *****
Before gluing the front and back together, glue on the pin back. If you want to make sure the pin back will stay on the costume, sew it on. It will only take a few stitches and it will be easy if done before gluing the front and back together. Including the pin back makes the lolly costumes useful after the lollipop is gone.

Glue the front and back together with the fabric glue, making sure you glue the wrong sides together.

Now the fun begins!! Decorate your lollipop costume with fabric paint. Make them all the same or all different.

This poor thing!!! Not only is he a ghost ( which can't be good ) but right after I painted on his eyes, I dropped him. Of course, he landed upside down and his eyes splatted. Hmmmm, is splatted a real word??? Anyway, I had to repair his eyes which caused them to be extremely large in the end.

If you make these costumes in the shape of flowers, it would be cute to fill a flower pot with Styrofoam and stick the lollipop handles into the flowerpot.

The ghosts and pumpkins could be displayed in the same way by substituting the flower pot for a plastic black cauldron.


  1. Cute!


  2. That's very cute.

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  3. Thank you Christie, Missy and Midnight :)

    I entered your giveaway Missy, thank you for the reminder - such a great giveaway!!!

  4. Those are way cute! I am going to try and make some for my daughter's preschool class. thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Stone - great idea!!! I'm sure they will be awesome!!

  6. OMG.. I LOVE these.. So cute.. Halloween is my favorite.. I put up all my decorations tonight and it looks just spookable..

  7. Thank you tamaralove :)
    I also LOVE Halloween!!!!

  8. lol lollipop costume? Cute idea.

  9. Wow these are super cool,I will be trying these out!

  10. This is so cute! I love it! Thanks for the great step by step.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial. You have a great blog. I swap etsy mini's if your interested. Thanks, E.elizabeth

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  13. Thank you so much!!! I keep telling everyone my followers are the BEST!!! And...you are!!!
    D.E. - I would be happy to swap mini's. I will put yours on tonight and convo you to let you know it's on :)
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  14. soo cute! love your blog x

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