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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Ear Cuff Display Tutorial Ideas

In the diy ear cuff tutorial I posted yesterday, I said I would post pictures of ear cuff displays that are suitable for gifting or selling.
So...here they are:

I made the cuff display above exactly the same as I made the cuff display in the tutorial yesterday.
It's simply different colors and embellished differently.
If you want to make a display like this one, go to my supply blog Secret Solace Supplies for a tutorial on the roses, leaves and vines. I do have a rose tutorial on this blog but I think the one I linked to on my other blog is easier to follow.

This cuff display uses the same steps as yesterdays tutorial as well.
I had a bubble gum pink shade of polymer clay that I didn't really like so I mixed it with peal and a darker pink and used it for this display.

I made the 2 roses with the darker pink.

I bought a Dollar Store plastic Halloween necklace that had a skeleton pendant. I cut the skull off the pendant to use on this display. The skull had a large circular back so I cut the back of the skull off. I pressed the skull into the clay, removed it for baking and glued it into the impression once the clay cooled.

I rolled 2 long pieces of black clay and formed them into snakes. I textured the snakes using the spine of the skeleton pendant. I rubbed mica powder on the textured area of the snakes using my finger. I dipped a toothpick in mica powder and pushed it in the clay for the eyes. I used a craft knife to cut a mouth.

I hope I have inspired you to make ear cuff displays :)

Can you make these to sell?  Absolutely!
Can you make an exact copy of my designs and sell them?  Yep!

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