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Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!!

I was wandering around the Etsy forums ( it's so addictive!!! ) and I came across a Secret Santa thread. A lovely Etsy seller - Jolly Jennifer organized an awesome Secret Santa gift exchange and invited everyone to join. To participate, all we had to do was comment in the thread and send her a convo to confirm our participation. Jolly Jennifer organized everything from that point, pairing up all the Secret Santas, convoing everyone, double checking to make sure everyone received a gift and even worked overtime pairing a late comer.

Several Santas thanked Jolly Jennifer for organizing such a fun gift exchange and she modestly stated it wasn't much work and she liked to organize events.

Personally, I believe it was a LOT of work and she is a wonderful, giving person!!! So...I felt the least I could do is feature her shop here. She has an amazing, diversified Etsy shop. You will have to visit it to see all of her lovely items. Here are just a few:

This very creative Upcycled Notepad:

Beautiful Purple Floral Fine Art Prints:

As you can see, Jolly Jennifer has a wonderful selection of items. You are sure to find what you want in her unique shop!!!!


My Secret Santa was the owner of Del Guidice Studio. This shop can be described in one word: ELEGANT!!!

I want to share a few of her items before I show you my lovely gift.

There is a large selection of sleep masks like this sweet Dopo Puccini Mask:

Several silk scarves. Pictured here is the elegant La Peonia Floral:

Beautiful jewelry. Including the La Dolcetta Bracelet pictured below.

You will also find gorgeous dresses. This is the Spagnola :

Everything in the Del Guidice Studio is sweet, refined and yes, very, very elegant!!


And...here is my gift from my Secret Santa!!!!
(I must apologize to Del Guidice Studio for the following pictures. I am horrible at photography!!)

My lovely gift came beautifully wrapped in a white box which was tied with an amazing, silky black ribbon.
When I opened the box, I was treated to a sweet card, simply lovely silver tissue paper and a wonderful little seal.
Inside the tissue paper was a gorgeous sleep mask!!!!
Thank you sooooo much Helen!!! I love my sleep mask!!!!

Playing Secret Santa with wonderful Etsy artists was such a fantastic experience! I hope Jolly Jennifer will hold another Etsy Secret Santa again next year. If she does, I hope all of you will participate!!!



  1. Thanks so much for participating in the secret santa and for including me in your blog :D I'll be blogging today too, please feel free to drop by :D http://jollyjennifersetsyblog.blogspot.com/


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