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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Green Things

Little Green Things on Etsy is a shop filled with unique, one of a kind belt buckles.
The buckles are tiny works of art that inspire imagination and fun.

You must read this shop's wonderful profile. It is as unique and whimsical as the shop itself, giving you insight on the artist behind the shop. Also, it must be noted, this artist displays a great concern for our environment and uses an eco resin on all the buckles!

I want to share a few items from Little Green Things but you really have to visit the shop yourself to enjoy all it has to offer!

Deer Dream Belt Buckle brings to mind ELEGANT! So unique and lovely! The image hints of a Victorian flavor and is has an ethereal feel.

Overland Journey Belt Buckle - If you know the story behind my shop name, you know the Bare in Bare Moose is a play on the word "Bear". Naturally I absolutely LOVE this buckle! I believe this buckle would look great on a man or woman, especially when paired with your favorite jeans.

Little Red Riding Hood Belt Buckle - I love Little Red Riding Hood and I especially love the uniqueness of this buckle. No doubt it would look great with any outfit but paired with your favorite faded jeans and a red long sleeve tee - perfection!

Deer In Winter Wonderland Belt Buckle - Artistic and beautiful!

You Choose Belt Buckle - While every buckle in this shop would be an awesome gift, this buckle would make the gift even more special. Everyone loves personalized gifts and you could use this opportunity to match the buckle to the personality of the recipient.

This buckle was featured on the front page of Etsy as it should be! Just think of what you can write on this wearable art! Match you buckle to your mood!

Vintage Leather Belt Brown White Flowers - So...you have found the perfect belt buckle but do not have a belt? Here is a wonderful, pretty belt to couple with your new buckle!

This was just a small sample of what Little Green Things has to offer. You must visit this shop and when you do, I challenge you to use your imagination!

When I entered Little Green Things for the first time, my mind ran wild with ideas such as:

*Journals* - I love making journals and I can envision using one of these fabulous buckles to decorate one of my journals. Perhaps I would run a wide piece of satin ribbon through the buckle and attach it to the journal. Or...perhaps I could incorporate the buckle as a way of closing the journal. Hmmm....

*Boxes* - These buckles would make an awesome decoration on a wooden box that you purchase or make yourself. I see these buckles attached to either the top or front of the box.

*Purses and Totes* - I have several bags that have detachable handles. How wonderful would one of these lovely buckles look on the handle?? Just remove one side of the bag handle and slide the buckle on!

*Handmade Cards* - Why not use a belt buckle as the gift in a card/gift combo? Just attach the buckle on the front or inside of the card and write a note and decorate the card to match the buckle.

Now it's your turn! Visit Little Green Things and let your imagination go!!

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