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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Altered Book - Clay Rose

I made this book to, well, look like a book.
This altered book holds a secret.
(I will post a tutorial soon on an altered book that I will make into a keepsake box)

For this book I used - a book, a ruler, a craft knife, wax paper, gel glue, fabric, ribbon and a clay rose.
To start, I had to decide where I wanted to make a niche for the surprise. I also made a tiny niche for the clay rose.
When I make this type of altered book, I select a book that has at least 3 entire novels within it. I leave the first novel in the book completely unaltered. That way it can actually be read.
This particular book is a Reader's Digest - Select Editions which I purchased at a local thrift store.
I opened the book to the first page of the 2nd novel and placed wax paper between the pages. I closed the book and applied gel glue around the edges of the bottom portion. This makes a solid block of pages to cut out a niche.
I put a heavy object on the book and allowed the glue to dry.
I don't measure the niche, I just start cutting. I used the ruler as a straight edge to guide the craft knife. I run the craft knife a few times over each side of the niche, remove the pages and repeat. I stopped when the niche was as deep as I wanted it.
**HINT** - Do not press extremely hard on the craft knife. The first time I cut a niche, I pressed really hard thinking I could hurry it along. The tip of my index finger was numb for several months and the niche was a mess.**
Next, I applied the same gel glue inside the niche - both of them. It makes them stable.
I know what your thinking! Your thinking "Bare, that's a rather ugly niche you have there". Not to worry, I will fix it.

See, all fixed.
I glued fabric inside of the large niche and applied ribbon around the edges.
I didn't decorate the small niche because I love the way the clay rose looks on the words. I glued the rose in the niche with the gel glue.

I now have an altered book that still looks like a book and can even be read.
It will hide a small gift and the recipient will think the book is the gift.
( The book wouldn't stay open, my moose friend had to hold it open so I could take pictures!! )
What do you think????


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  2. Geez - have I been spammed???
    Well, at least I know I am worthy of a spam.
    LOL - too funny!!!

  3. Ooh, my spam comments are my favorite. Some are really hilarious.

    Anyway. REALLY cool tutorial! I've always wanted a hideaway book. Now, I need to find a cool old hardcover to use.

  4. wow that spam is terrible!!

    but anyway! i loved seeing this tutorial! it turned out so cool! thanks for sharing!


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