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Monday, July 6, 2009

Zutter Bind It All Book With Roses

Another use for polymer clay roses.
For this project I used - a Zutter Bind It All, O wires, a paper cutter, heavy card stock, scrap book paper, index cards, double stick tape, E6000, stickers, scissors, wire cutters, ribbon and 3 small clay roses.

I used wedding papers and stickers to make a book for a bride to jot down her wedding plans.
Normally, when making a book or journal with the Zutter Bind It All, I use a recycled box (cereal, cracker, etc) to add body to the covers. In this case, the glitter card stock was heavy enough to use without it.

I used index cards for the inside pages and cut the front and back covers the same size as the index cards. I used double stick tape to adhere the inside lining to both covers.

I cut the binding holes in the covers with the Zutter Bind It All - I love this machine!!!!

Next, I cut the binding holes (there is probably a proper name for the holes but I don't know what it is) in the index cards.

Here are the covers and index cards, ready for the O wires.

To prepare the book for binding, I put the index cards on the O wires first, then the front cover and lastly - flip the back cover over (the 2 covers will be facing each other) and place it on the front cover. This will keep the closure at the back of the book.

I cut off the excess O wires, then pressed the O wires closed.

Here it is after binding and before the embellishments. I love making books and journals.

I used wedding themed scrapbook paper to line the front cover.

I used a different scrapbook paper for the back lining. This picture also shows the closure at the back of the book.

I wrapped ribbon around the front cover and tied it in a knot. I used a wedding sticker and 3 polymer clay roses to finish the embellishment.

I used E6000 to glue the sticker and roses on. The sticker would not stick to the glitter paper.

I cut a piece of white scrapbook paper to fit inside the front cover. I applied double stick tape to the sides and bottom of the paper only to create a little pocket.

I decorated the inside back cover with a sticker.

I think this would be a great gift, especially if you personalize it. Add the bride and grooms names, embellish it in the wedding colors and replace the sticker on the front cover with a picture of the couple.

That's it!! Another way to use the polymer clay roses :)


  1. This is beautiful..but wow, seems like alot of work. I guess if it's not something you do, it would seem that way. Great post!

  2. I didn't know you could buy mini binder machines! I've only ever used those heavy duty ones at offices. I'll have to check it out and make some books!

  3. Love 2 B Inspired - Thank you for the comment :)
    The project is actually fast and easy. The bind it all does all the work!

    Sara - I checked around for prices before I purchased this binder. The best price is on Ebay. I bought it from someone that had "buy it now" and free shipping.


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