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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Polymer Clay Rose - Pillow Box

Using the clay rose to decorate a pillow box.
I used a purchased pillow box as a pattern. I also used ribbon, a bone folder, red lined tape, 2 charms, scissors, jump rings, card stock, stickers, and of course, a clay rose.
I opened the pillow box, traced it onto heavy card stock and cut it out. To make the project easier, I used the bone folder to crease the folds. I left the inside of the box plain.

I used red lined tape to close the box flap but any glue or glue stick will work.

This is the completed pillow box before decorating.

I used white ribbon and tied a bow. I placed a piece of red lined tape on both of the ribbon tails and folded each ribbon tail up to form a loop. I inserted a jump ring in each loop and attached the charms. Lastly, I used the red lined tape to attach the rose in the center of the bow.

The front of the pillow box is complete.

I used glitter alphabet stickers to personalize the back of the box. I used CY - short for my daughter - Cynthia.

This is one way to use the polymer clay rose. I will be adding more clay rose projects soon.


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